To Tech or Not to Tech While on Cruise

Posted January 24th, 2013

For some travellers the need to be connected to the world is of huge importance, regardless of whatever far-flung destination they may be visiting, whereas for others travelling is an opportunity to lose the phone, computer etc. A recent survey suggests cruise travellers are increasingly seeking a technology-free experience.

The survey collected the technological desires of British cruise travellers and found that 39% intended to seize the opportunity provided by cruising and enjoy a totally tech-free holiday. Having mobile devices or various sorts on hand while cruising was felt to be "stressful" for 18% of those surveyed.

More than half (57%) would happily take a cruise which was entirely free of technology if it were available, but of those which felt it just too hard to cut the technology cord, the mobile phone was the modern gadget most coveted (72%). Behind this were tablets like iPads (53%) and music players like iPods (41%).

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Interestingly, this survey suggests a lessening desire by cruise travellers to have access to gadgets and other technology while on cruise ships. A similar survey carried out just one year earlier also gauged the technology needs of British cruise travellers, and found that well over three-quarters (83%) had used some form of technology while cruising.

Surfing the net while sailing the seas was the most favoured use of this technology (76%). The growing prevalence of tablets like iPads is illustrated by only 9% of cruise travellers using these while on cruise, compared to over half just a year later. Clearly these gadgets have usurped the position previously taken by laptops, where in 2011 nearly a quarter (23%) of cruise travellers used laptops while sailing. Music players were used by 69% and mobile phones 52%.

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So why would travellers seeking a relaxing holiday on cruise want to spend their time in the company of various technological devices? Entertainment was the reason for 31% of people surveyed, followed by keeping in contact with home (29%) and doing work (27%).

But the most cited excuse for needing to use technology while cruising was simply "out of habit" (35%). Perhaps we've all become so dependent on technology that we feel we can't live without it, even while on cruise. But for those who do want a tech-free holiday, the onboard swimming pool, spa, restaurant and shows should keep you sufficiently entertained such that the mobile phone can stay safely on the table at home.

Sources: BonVoyage survey 2012, CruiseCompare survey 2011

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