The World Cruise

Posted April 24th, 2012

Have you ever flicked through a cruise brochure and found that you are stuck eyeing the tremendous journey of a World Cruise? Enticing?  What you see in a brochure is just a canvas, the real picture is more than just a large list of ports!


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A world cruise is an experience that can only be felt first hand. Words cannot describe the feelings & the journey.

The atmosphere is to die for! Unified, you sail as one with the crew & other passengers. The crew & passengers get to know each other so well, you'll be on first name basis by the end of the trip. Passengers from all over the world bond cherished friendships as they set to sail on an unforgettable journey through the world discovering history, culture, landscapes & highlights. Dinner tables, bars, gift shops and salons are meetings places where you can tell each other about the great once in a life time shore excursion & share stories with one another.

Special events for World cruises vary between cruise lines, but you definitely feel special. Special gifts, special mentions and special trips.

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Entertainment changes between segments. There are new performers, stage shows and acts throughout the trip.  Lectures and courses change their acts to match your cruising region. Bars, restaurants, spa's, shops, casino's all change promotions and deals & stock up so that you get to experience as much range as you do in your ports.

Cruising remains the most romantic, elegant and exciting way to get around the world.

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