The Future of Cruise Ships is Mobile

Posted April 26th, 2013

The way cruise travellers engage with cruise ships in future could we changing if new mobile technology being developed takes off.

So much of the cruise experience will be possible to arrange through our mobile devices, whether smartphones, iPhones or tablets like iPads. From before boarding to after disembarking, mobile technology will make it easier for passengers to make the lost of their cruise and enjoy it just the way they want it.

The process would begin with checking in on your mobile, which would bring up a list of your preferences in cabin type, dining and so on. When you reach your cabin, your mobile would be able to control the television and access an information network about the ship, including floor plans, latest menus, activity timings and more.

All this information would also be able to be accessed wherever you are on board the ship, whether lazing in the pool, sipping a cocktail in the bar or working out in the fitness centre. Making dinner reservations or booking a spa treatment would be as simple as touching a button.

If you're planning an onward journey or any ship-to-shore excursions, full details of other ports, cruise times and weather forecasts will help make arranging everything so much easier.

Plus during your trip or after disembarking you can stay connected with friends and family by sharing tantalising snippets of your trip via social media.

Particularly on larger cruise ships, where journeys can be shared with hundreds or even thousands of other passengers, the information and functionality available could be a boon for navigating your way around and planning your time onboard.

There's also a benefit to cruise lines with this technology, since they can now keep in better communication with passengers and ensure all aboard are appraised of pertinent information. This could be alerts about dining or happy hour specials, activities beginning in certain locations, or shore excursions about to depart.

This technology could be a central part of the future of cruising, making for happier cruise holidays and less stress with making arrangements. Just don't forget your mobile!

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