Reasons to Cruise

Posted July 20th, 2012

With so many great reasons to cruise, more Kiwis than ever before are enjoying the fabulous benefits of cruising. There are lots of reasons why.

With a choice of more than 180 distinctive ships both small and large, around 2000 ports of call around the world, there is the perfect cruise for everyone. On a cruise you can see the world, completely unwind, experience new cultures, dance the night away, feast on fabulous cuisine, learn new skills, make new friends and bond with your family. The possibilities are endless.

Value for money

Your cruise price includes your accommodation, dining, entertainment and more, making cruising an easy holiday to budget for. It’s hard to find a comparable land holiday to compete.

Unpack only once

Wake up to a different sight, and port, nearly every day. No other kind of holiday allows travellers to visit different countries with the convenience of only unpacking once. Once on board your ship, you really have arrived at your home away from home. No need to live out of a suitcase or be hopping on and off buses and planes.

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Culture and excursions

One of the most exciting aspects of a cruising holiday is the variety of fascinating ports you can visit on any one journey. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself for a short time in a completely different culture to your own. Get set to learn, absorb and explore the world around you. Some of the smaller port stops are relatively easy to explore independently; however, one of the greatest ways to experience the very best of your ports of call is to participate in your cruise ship’s shore excursions. Designed to cover a range of tastes, shore excursions arranged by your cruise ship can include anything from cultural walking tours, cooking schools and shopping tours to adventures, such as helicopter rides, mountain biking, canoeing, white-water rafting and wildlife treks. It’s a good idea to start planning your shore excursion choices early. Some cruise lines will even allow you to book in advance of your cruise, either online or with your travel consultant. You will usually receive a program of your ship’s shore excursion options with your cruise documents once you have booked and paid for your holiday. If you do not pre-book, it is best to book your excursions as soon as you board the ship.


A holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without enjoying great food, wine and service. From five-course meals in the main dining room to poolside barbecues and pizzerias, your tastebuds are certainly in for a treat on a cruise. Try new foods with a different menu choice every night. Most ships have self-service buffets available for breakfast, lunch and
sometimes dinner. These are a quick, convenient and relaxed way to dine. For those who enjoy dressing up every now and then, formal nights are usually offered. Men will be required to wear a dark suit and tie, or perhaps even a dinner jacket, while ladies can dress up in a cocktail dress or evening gown. Some ships also have semi-formal nights. Alternate dining options will be available for those who would prefer a more casual dining experience.

In addition to the vast array of dining options included in your cruise fare, many ships offer ‘specialty’ restaurants, where for a nominal fee, you can dine on world-class international cuisines such as Italian, Japanese, French, Mexican or Chinese. Bookings can be made once on board or pre-booked online, depending on the cruise line.

A room service menu, which is more often than not accompanied by convenient 24 hour service and is often complimentary, is available on most ships.

Ship activities and facilities

There is no need to have any concerns about filling your days at sea, as the options are endless. You’ll usually find activities such as swimming, exercise classes, computer training, art auctions, photography classes, dance lessons, shuffleboard, deck quoits, basketball and tennis, to name a few.

You could attend lectures on the culture, history, flora and fauna of the region you’re cruising in, or perhaps even learn some tips on cooking the regional fare. If games of bingo, trivia quizzes, crafts and board games are more your speed, you’re also catered for.

For night owls, every night on a cruise ship is an entertainment spectacular. Consider your ship as a floating capital city, with nightclubs, movies, live music, themed parties, magic, comedy, cabaret, Broadway and West End-style shows and casinos to keep everyone entertained. On larger ocean-going cruises, facilities on board the ship may include anything from day spas, gyms and saunas to wave pools, cinemas, ice-skating rinks, mini-golf courses, ten-pin bowling alleys and rock-climbing walls.


With all the options for action, fun, exercise and education available on many cruise ships, you’ll probably need to pencil in some time for rest and relaxation. Many cruise ships now feature worldclass day spas, and a visit to the day spa can be a wonderfully rejuvenating part of your cruise holiday. Most onboard spas offer a tour where they showcase
their facilities and explain the variety of treatments available. This is a great way to assist you in deciding what you would like to try. We all love to be pampered, and there is a spa treatment or therapy to suit everyone.

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Family time

Cruising is an ideal holiday choice for both children and parents, and most cruise lines offer a vast range of supervised children’s activities. The children are well looked after with dedicated, age appropriate child and teen facilities offering hangouts and activities geared to the younger set, allowing adults time to relax and enjoy a real holiday. Romance
Cruise ships provide the perfect setting for midnight walks under the stars, exotic ports, spa services and intimate dinner arrangements.

Simplicity and satisfaction

Whether you are cruising for three days or 30 days, and whilst you will visit a variety of ports, you only have to check in once and you are in same cabin for your entire holiday. With meals and entertainment included in your cruise fare, other incidentals such as drinks and onboard shopping, can be charged to your personal cabin account. It allows you the convenience of not having to exchange cash or use your credit card. Unlike some travel you may undertake, you won’t come back from your holiday needing a holiday – it’s a fact that cruises have higher levels of satisfaction than any other holiday.

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