Put The Wind Back In Your Sails

Posted November 7th, 2013

Have you found yourself struck down with sailing fever? Need to put the wind back in your sails?

The team at Cruiseabout share their top five destinations for cruise holiday small ship sailing.

1. Tahiti

What better way to explore one of the world’s most picturesque destinations than on a ship designed specifically for the shallow waters of Tahiti. Paul Gaugin Cruises offer award-winning, luxury cruises of Tahiti – the perfect way to kick back, relax and treat yourself to a mini-break.

TOP TIP: Swim with the manta rays in Bora Bora.

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2. Fiji

Discover the natural beauty, diversity and culture of Fiji and its islands on Pacific cruises aboard a ship that is small enough to navigate the passages that the bigger ships can’t get to. A great way to have an authentic Fijian experience while your destination comes to you.

TOP TIP: Appreciate the role that music and song plays in Fijian life and attend a traditional village sevusevu ceremony for an unforgettable experience.


3. Mediterranean

A very popular cruising destination, the beauty of experiencing Mediterranean cruises on board a small ship is that you can stop at the smaller ports along the way and cruise closer to the coast line – offering a very unique experience.

TOP TIP: Book tours for your on-shore excursions – many of the ports are a long distance from the cities.

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4. Antarctica

Often considered the ultimate notch on any avid cruisers belt, cruising in Antarctica is a once in a lifetime trip. Jump on board an expedition ship, purpose built just for Antarctic waters and only carrying about 150 passengers.

TOP TIP: The best time to cruise Antarctica is over our summer months from December to February.


5. Danube River

From Budapest to Amsterdam or vice versa, treat yourself to two weeks of low key luxury and fine dining as you take in some of the most beautiful and diverse destinations in the world. Be sure to take advantage of the city tours that most of the cruise lines offer each morning as well.

TOP TIP: Add on a three day stay in Paris or Prague to put the finishing touches on your dream holiday.


Looking for more information on cruise holidays? Call a cruise holiday expert at a Cruiseabout store nationwide on 0800 22 11 14.

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