Peregrine tour of Asia

Posted March 13th, 2012

Travel expert Reese King from our Cruiseabout Tauranga Store shares with us his experience on a Peregrine tour of Asia. From Cambodia to Vietnam, find out why a Peregrine tour is unmissable when you want to discover the true beauty of South East Asia.

Peregrine was an amazing company to travel with. They offered informative tour directors that took care of everything! It was so nice not to have to think of how to get places or pay for entrance fees, or guess which restaurant would be safe to eat at.

We had spare time at places because all the time-consuming things were just taken care of. All of the recommendations for restaurants to eat at were fabulous! If they hadn’t given us their inside knowledge we would have definitely missed out!

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Cambodia was a country of extremes – the ancient Angkor temples in Siem Reap are mind blowing, the heat is HOT, the food is delicious, shopping is amazing (don’t think I’ve seen so many watches be bought in such a short amount of time), the people were so friendly and I felt very safe also. Everything to buy is very cheap!

Cambodia has a sad history and we visited the killing fields and S21 (school converted into a prison) in Phnom Penh which was very eye opening. There have been such horrific things happen to the Cambodians and I didn’t know any of this before I went on this tour. The trip was a very big history lesson! Yet through all of this devastation, Cambodians are among the most genuine, kind and caring people of ever met on a holiday.


Phnom Penh was much more busier than Siem Reap. There is a central market in Phnom Penh which offered great shopping, and in Siem Reap the night markets were great.

Vietnam was very busy! I’m glad we had our tour director to show us how to cross the road otherwise I would surely have been run over. We visited all the local sights with a city tour and also the Cu Chi Tunnels which was amazing to see! If anyone goes to Ho Chi Minh City they must have dinner at Lemongrass and then a drink at Rex Hotel! Great food and fabulous atmosphere!

Shopping in Vietnam was a little more expensive than Cambodia, but still so many bargains to be found!

Vietnam Markets

For anyone that would like an amazing cultural experience, fabulous food and shopping, and the chance to travel with like-minded people and be well looked after at the same time - then Peregrine for Cambodia and Vietnam is an excellent choice!

Looking for more information on Asia Tours or cheap flights to Asia? contact Cruiseabout travel expert Reese King at our Cruiseabout Tauranga store or phone 0800 22 11 14.

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