Pacific Pearl Cruise Review

Posted November 8th, 2012

Jo Peterson from Cruiseabout Takapuna had a fabulous cruise aboard the Pacific Pearl and shares her experience with us.

In May I was lucky enough to jump on a plane to Sydney and meet a friend for 3 nights on a ‘Lifestyle’ cruise on the Pacific Pearl cruise ship.  What a fabulous time!  I must say that I was suitably impressed - P&O have done a fabulous job of the ship fit out, particularly with regards to public areas and restaurants on board.

The Pacific Pearl holds approx 1600 passengers and is currently sailing out of Sydney, however we will be lucky enough to have her based in Auckland during April-June 2013 doing various themed short break cruises and longer South Pacific and Australia itineraries.

The Pacific Pearl has been fitted out to be very modern and trendy and for this reason will appeal to all ages, particularly couples and young families. There are 3 different kids clubs depending on the age of your children, with inside and outside designated areas.  This means the kids are having an absolute ball so that whilst there may be a number of children on board they are scarcely seen.

The main dining restaurant is the Waterfront, which again is very modern and upbeat looking.  We were for the most part very impressed with the food.  You can dine here for breakfast, lunch and dinner a la carte, or alternatively you can choose to eat at the buffet restaurant or one of the poolside barbecues that will be on throughout the day.  There is also a real highlight on board which is Luke Mangan’s SALT grill.  You need to be especially quick to reserve your space on one of these short cruises and unfortunately due to our boarding a little late we could not reserve a place for any lunch or dinner sitting in this speciality restaurant.  Those that we spoke to who were lucky enough to eat there gave rave reviews.

There are a number of bars on board and of course the spectacular theatre which shows movies in the day and shows by night.  The entertainment is certainly a real highlight.  Another essential part of our day was going to the gym, which was always busy but machines were available in order to work off all of the great food we were consuming on board. During these themed cruises there are several lecturers on board and you have many opportunities throughout the day to listen and participate in various seminars and sessions which we very much enjoyed.

Last but not least another highlight is at the aft of the ship which is the adults only OASIS area with a bar and two spa pools which certainly provided a lovely way to spend a couple of hours one afternoon.

I thoroughly recommend a cruise on the Pacific Pearl, as we met loads of fun people and had an absolutely fantastic time.

For more information on P&O Cruises on the Pacific Pearl please contact Jo Peterson at Cruiseabout Takapuna or call a Cruiseabout cruise specialist on 0800 22 11 14.

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