Kiwi Cruise Season Sets Record

Posted August 20th, 2013

With passenger numbers and revenue soaring, New Zealand enjoyed its best cruise season yet during 2012-13.

Over the course of the 2012-13 cruise ship season New Zealand attracted over 200,000 cruise passengers, with a total spend of over $310 million.

The increasing figures are even more impressive when compared to the previous year, where passenger numbers rose by 22% and revenue by 7%.

We have Australia to thank for much of this surging popularity, as they made up 53% of cruise arrivals over the season. American cruise travellers are increasingly showing their love of New Zealand as a destination though, with passenger numbers up by 17%.

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The City of Sails saw the majority of cruise activity, with spend from passengers on the various cruise ships amounting to $116 million in Auckland alone. This spend on cruises from Auckland doesn't include any additional holiday bookings pre and post-cruise.

With new cruise terminal Shed 10 now officially unveiled and cruising only growing in popularity, the 2013-14 season beginning soon could well do even better. Time will tell...

Source: Cruise New Zealand August 2013

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