Italian Style on Costa Cruises

Posted March 5th, 2013

How does international standard cuisine, professional shows and extravaganzas, and a luxurious day spa haven sound? Step on board cruising Italian-style, with Costa Cruises.

Originating in Italy 65 years ago, Costa Cruises is one of Europe's major cruise companies. Their 14 ships offer passengers across the world a unique Italian style, hospitality and cuisine. But while pizzerias certainly cater to lovers of this traditional Italian fare, the range of fine option options will also appeal to passengers desiring more gourmet cuisine.

In true Italian style, Costa design their cruises to be as relaxing and carefree as travellers want. An almost endless array of activities are available to keep everyone entertained - from Mum and Dad in the day spa or cooking classes to children in the swimming pool and kids club.

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The full range of facilities available on Costa Cruise ships include swimming pools, jacuzzis, sauna and steam rooms for pampering passengers, plus multi-purpose sports courts, an outdoor jogging track and fitness centres for those wanting to stay active. To keep the mind active as well as the body, there are also craft workshops, card tournaments, dance lessons and more.

Each of the cruise ships also offer their own unique facilities. The Samsara Spa wellness centre offers an idyllic blend of Oriental healing and thermal baths on several Costa cruise ships. Many ships also feature a large outdoor swimming pool with retractable sunroof and an 18-square-metre movie screen. Others offer a Grand Prix simulator or golf simulator just perfect for Dads, while still others offer an amazing 4D Cinema.

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After the sun sets evenings come alive in the onboard restaurants, bars, theatres, casinos and discos. Every passenger will enjoy a cocktail reception with the Captain, as well as daily live music, themed parties and spectacular shows from ballet and acrobatics to comic acts and magic.

Passengers will never retire on an empty stomach with a range of Mediterranean-style dining options from casual to gourmet, including, of course, pasta in every possible form.

For a taste of Europe on the high seas it's hard to beat Costa Cruises, whose Italian style and facilities are sure to have every passenger sad to say "arrivederci".

For more information on Costa Cruises please contact a Cruiseabout cruise specialist or call on 0800 22 11 14.

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