Is Freighter Travel Value for Money?

Posted April 4th, 2013

A completely different cruise experience awaits passengers who choose to try freighter travel, crossing the seas aboard container ships.

The world's largest container ship, Marco Polo, is now offering passenger cabins on the back of slow but growing demand for freighter travel.

The appeal for cruise passengers travelling on freighter ships is the absence of the glitz and glamour associated with traditional cruise ships, as well as the generally cheaper ticket price. Plus the comparatively fewer people onboard means no crowds. Often no more than a dozen passengers are taken aboard each freighter.

But with the reduced cost and crowds come similarly fewer leisure facilities for passengers. Cabins are generally smaller and the main facilities available are those shared with the crew, such as lounge, mess hall and common areas. Meals are served with the crew, so there's plenty of opportunity to get acquainted with those who are conveying you across the sea.

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Don't expect the lavish facilities of traditional cruise ships though. Some ships may offer a pool or simple activities like table tennis or snooker, but generally the only activities onboard will be those passengers take with them. Freighter travel can be a great way to catch up on a few good books!

Of course, cruising on container ships can be a viable option for passengers doing so for practical rather than leisure purposes. For example, those relocating to a different country who want to save some money on airfares. Clearly sea travel is significantly slower than by air, but if budgets are tight it may provide an alternative to consider.

Container ships regularly circumnavigate the globe, docking at ports including Auckland, Australia, South Africa and South America.

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