Shore Excursions - How to get the most out of them

Posted May 14th, 2012

We have complied a list of handy little tips to help you get the most out of your Shore Excursions for the best cruise holiday experience.

Plan Early - The secrets to a wonderful day in port is successful planing.

(1) Research

Do your homework. Whether you are planning on booking an excursion with your cruise line, booking a private operator independently or doing it yourself, a little research will go long way. Make notes on what sights are offered at the destination, what you'd like to see, how you'd be going there and back. are the activities you want to do cheaper if organised independently and not with the cruise line? distance from the dock to the sights.

(2) Pick the right activity

Make sure you choose an excursion that you can handle both physically and mentally. Some excursions may have a lot of walking, hiking, climbing involved. Think for yourself, is this something you could do? Perhaps, a relaxing by the beach is a better use of the day. Consider the climate of the destinations. Is it going to be hot and humid or will be it be cold and freezing?

(3) Eye for a detail

Once you have found the excursions you would like to take part in, read the details carefully to understand excatly what you would be doing and how your time would be spent.

(4) Ask questions

Talk to people that have been on the same cruise, question the cruise specialist at your local cruiseabout store and talk to the cruise ship staff when you are onboard.  If they've visited the port, they'd have all the information on where to go, what to see an do and what to eat. Ask them how they spent there time and how to get the most out of your day...what are the main attractions?

(5) Keep an eye on your budget

Choose your excursions carefully. If you buy a shore excursion at every port you will find yourself with an expensive bill at the end of the cruise.

(6) Plan B

It's always good to come up with contingency plan. Can never be prepared enough, always have a backup plan just in case your excursion is sold out, or is cancelled.

With a little pre planning you will get most out of your shore excursions.

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