How to Choose Your Cruise Ship

Posted September 6th, 2012

With so many cruises types, cruise liners and itineraries to suit all budgets, selecting the right one for you can a bit intimidating. By choosing a cruise that is closest to your personality, you have begun to sail down the right stream.

No matter what you are after, most cruise liners and cruises offer the same inclusions: accommodation, food, activities, entertainment and new and exciting destinations. What will help you decide on which cruise is right for you, is by knowing what you are looking for and what suits you.

By asking yourself the right questions, you can choose a cruise that is right for you. What sort of service are you looking for? Are you looking for an exciting out-at-sea adventure, and opportunity to meet new people? Or are you after a more quiet, private and intimate experience with you and your partner on a smaller and tailored cruise? Do you want a tranquil cruise through a river? Or would you prefer a bit of excitement with more socialising, entertainment and activities out at sea?

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There are three main categories of cruise liners; Large resort ships; Mid-size Ships and Boutique & Small Ships. The categories are usually determined by how many passengers the cruise liners can hold and what the Gross registered Tonnes (GRT)  of the cruise liners is.

To help you choose the cruise holiday you have  imagined, here are some of the features of each of the 3 types of cruise ships.

Large resort ships hold between 1200-5400 passengers. These cruise ships have a very social environment with lots, with lots of entertainment, activities and of course food, creating a fun resort like cruise holiday experience. These cruises are great for all ages and for all interests. Although the large cruise ships  are best suited for people who like to keep their days full of exciting and fun activities. Families with young children can especially benefit from the large range of kid clubs and children's activities the ship has to offer. During the day, many can keep themselves busy with a gym workout, an indulgent spa treatment, speciality cooking classes and many many other options. At night, guests can choose from nightclubs and casino. That said though, you can choose a cruise ship holiday experience that can range from a standard room and activities to a luxury experience. The best part is though many of these type of cruise ships offer an adult-only area so parents and other adults on the ship can escape for a bit of peace and quiet if they want.

Mid-size Ships carry between 500 and 1200 passengers and are well suited to smaller ports as they are smaller and lighter and easier to manoeuvre. The offering on these type of ships is more of a premium cruise experience. There is still lots of entertainment on the ships and the opportunity to participate in excursions, and it is easier to find your way around! Even though they don not offer as much as large resort ships, they still over enough to keep everyone entertained. And there is also plenty of time to relax. By choosing a mid-size ship for your cruise holiday you are able to do some round-the-world cruises and longer cruises that some large resort ships and smaller ships can't do-  you get to experience the best of both worlds!

Boutique & Small Ships hold between 50 and 500 passengers. This is the cruise holiday to chose if you are wanted a more intimate and private cruise with service that is personalised to suit you and your needs. If you are after a quiet and relaxed experience, such as cruising through nature like Antarctica and along the Amazon, or along tranquil river, this is the cruise for you.  Smaller ships allow you to experience places that the mid and large cruise ships can't dock at. If you are looking for a culturally rich experience with an intimate feel then a smaller cruise is just what you want to book.

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