Hot Tips for Cruising

Posted February 14th, 2012

Cruise expert Debbie Christian from the Cruiseabout Parnell store shares her hot Cruising tips!


1. Be Sun smart
Always wear a hat, sunscreen and a smile!

2. Wear layers!
Even in the heat of summer at sea, the nights can be cool, & sometimes even windy. Pack light sweaters, wind breakers or wraps so you can  make the most of the tropical nights

3. Take a Multi-Power Board
A multi-plug power-board will help you charge your cellphone, digital camera, hair stylers and Mp3's all at once (Make sure you check the wattage).

4. Organise your medication
If you need to take medication keep it organised & easily accessible. Take a copy of your prescription just in case you have a mishap - you can get the medical staff onboard to assist you, or you can see a doctor in port. Remember to keep a small stock of everyday painkillers, sea sick pills etc..

5. Participate in Shore excursions
Enjoy a shore excursion, these are well planned and can enhance your cruise experience, you don't always see everything doing your ' own ' thing.

6. Take Local Currency
Keep a little bit of local currency for use in small towns and villages, many are not set up for credit card usage.

7. Try something new!
Many ships offer a variety of choices to keep you entertained whilst onboard. Try rock climbing, treat yourself to a beauty treatment or learn a new skill at a crafts course.

9. Purchase Food & Beverage Packages
If your cruise offers an Ice Cream or soda/soft drink package, buy it! Those few sodas at $3 each x5 a day start to add up so an unlimited package is a great idea, especially for families.

8. Be Prepared when travelling with kids
Think about bring your dress-up costumes and snorkel gear as hiring on the ship can become expensive.

10. Stay on the lookout for sales!
If you are looking for gifts to take home, try not to dive into the first shop as a lot of onboard shops have a sale day during the cruise.

Looking for more information on Cruises or Cruise Holidays? Contact Debbie Christian from Cruiseabout Parnell on 0800 867 276. Or call a Cruise holiday expert at a Cruiseabout store nationwide on 0800 22 11 14

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