High Tech on the High Seas With Norwegian Cruise Line

Posted June 20th, 2013

Norwegian Cruise Line are looking to the future with new technology introduced on their Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship.

Amongst the new features available to passengers are stylish touch-screen information panels and auto-sliding doors throughout the ship, plus an app for mobile devices to help travellers get organised before they embark.

Passengers who find their mobile device an essential part of their cruising kit will want to check out the Norwegian Breakaway app. Once downloaded, the app provides a ton of content from the inspiring (location images and descriptions) to the informative (ship maps and news).

It's also fully interactive, so once onboard passengers can arrange their days and ensure they don't miss out on activities or events of interest. Noting favourite events and diarising reminders are all part of the app's scheduling system. And if they ever find themselves running late, the ship maps will help passengers navigate quickly to where they need to be.

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In selected places around the cruise ship are over 50 touch-screen information panels, another option for passengers to find out more about what is on offer during their time cruising. If their interest is piqued by any of the entertainment or dining events, reservations can easily be made right on the spot.

Another quirky technological feature are electronic doors which slide open by simply touching a button, which when depressed light up and grant the passenger immediate entrance.  Sure it may sound a little bit like stepping aboard the naval equivalent of the Starship Enterprise, but is certain to be a handy feature when transporting heavy suitcases or shopping around!

For more information on cruises with Norwegian Cruise Line please contact a Cruiseabout cruise specialist or call on 0800 22 11 14.

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