Top Saving Tips For Cruise Ships

Posted November 15th, 2012

Cruising is one of the most cost-effective holidays because of the increasing competition and variety that is available. Cruiseabout brand leader, Jessica Allan, said the New Zealand market is growing rapidly and it’s important for potential cruisers to know that there are cruising holidays to suit every budget, the key is just to know where you can make crucial savings.

“There is so much variety available in the cruising market these days with cruise ships travelling to an increasing number of destinations and a huge variety  available to choose from. Remember that when you book an all-inclusive cruise, 90% of your holiday has been paid for before you take off. This is a huge benefit to those travelling on a budget.”

Cruiseabout, New Zealand’s dedicated cruise retailer, shares its top tips on how to make crucial savings when booking your next cruise.

1. Book early
Booking early is particularly important if you’re looking to grab the best deal available with secure travel dates booked in advance. It allows you to take advantage of the early bird sales that different cruise lines offer and there are often big savings up for grabs.

2. Fly & cruise
Fly & cruise options are becoming increasingly available to a wide range of destinations, allowing the customer to purchase an all-inclusive package at one up-front cost and grab great savings through the wholesale airfares that are included in many of these packages.

If you have booked a cruise that doesn’t include airfares, let your cruise consultant know so they can work out the best fares to get you to the port on time.

3. Room choice
Booking an interior cabin with no sea view on your cruise can make for big savings, especially if you’re travelling with a family, which leaves you with more of your budget to spend on shore excursions.

The Cruiseabout specialists also recommend keeping an eye out for special offers that can include a room upgrade at a fraction of the price that it would have been otherwise.

4. Flexibility with your travel dates
Being flexible with your travel dates can allow you to take advantage of last minute sales. Much like the early bird sales, some cruise lines offer reduced fares closer to the departure date to fill any un-sold cabins. This is great news for those that can be flexible with their holidays and travel at short notice.

But bear in mind, if there is a specific cruise that you want to travel on, book early to ensure you don’t miss out. Waiting for last minute sales does not guarantee it will be your preferred ship of choice.

5. Look for all inclusive deals, free cabin upgrades & onboard credits
All inclusive cruise specials can include everything from airfares and transfers to meals, beverages, entertainment and gratuities. This means 90% of your holiday is paid in the up-front cost, at the time of booking, allowing for fantastic budget control.

Extra bonuses are also a great way to increase the value of your trip without your pocket becoming lighter. Whether these are in the form of onboard credits, cabin upgrades or airport and hotel transfers, these are often available and worth taking advantage of.

Specialist cruise agents such as Cruiseabout are constantly receiving the best deals. To be notified of these, keep in touch with your cruise specialist to ensure you’re up to date will the best deals available.

Looking for more information on Cruise holidays? Call a cruise holiday expert at a Cruiseabout store nationwide on 0800 22 11 14.

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