Fly & Cruise Tips for Cruise Holidays

Posted May 28th, 2013

Fly and cruise holidays are increasingly popular with cruise travellers, rather than booking the cruise and airfares separately. But with booking these types of holiday there are a few things to be aware of.

The experts at Cruiseabout share their top tips for a fly and cruise holiday:

1. Connection times

It pays to expect the unexpected when planning airfares to connect with your cruise ships, just to avoid arriving at the port to see your ship sailing off into the horizon.

If your cruise leaves from an international port, consider arriving at your departure location a day or two before your flight. If your cruise leaves from a domestic location, plan to arrive several hours ahead of your scheduled boarding time.

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2. Flexible flights

Booking the cheapest available flights to connect with your cruise may not be the best idea, as slightly more expensive flights may provide you with more options. This will be particularly important if your cruise ship is delayed on its journey home and you need to reschedule your return flight.

3. Open JAW airfares

If your cruise sets sail from one city or country and returns to another, ask about an 'open JAW' airfare. This allows you to fly into one location and return home from another, rather than having to fly in and out of the same city.

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4. Don't be weighed down by baggage charges

Cruise liners and airlines will both have luggage restrictions, but they won't necessarily be the same, so find out in advance.

Where possible, allow for some extra weight in your bags on the flight home, as you're certain to collect souvenirs during your cruise holiday.

5. Plan ahead

Cruising is an increasingly popular holiday choice, so don't leave your booking until the last minute. Booking early will increase your chances of securing the cabin of your choice or special facilities that you may require.

In addition, it pays to lock in airfares as soon as possible as the cheapest fares tend to sell first.

Looking for more information on cruise holidays? Call a cruise holiday expert at a Cruiseabout store nationwide on 0800 22 11 14.

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