Family Cruising Top Tips

Posted May 30th, 2012

Cruising is something every traveller should experience in their lifetime. Jaimie McDonald from our Cruiseabout Takapuna store shares some top tips when going on a cruise holiday with the family...

*Use the kids' clubs

They are a great source of entertainment for the kids and allow parents to relax.

*Make a Open Seat Reservation

If possible, make an open seating reservation for the restaurants so you can have dinner slightly earlier than normal times. This is great for younger families and also lets you get to the after-dinner shows earlier.

*Take Walkie Talkies

Consider taking walkie talkies. They are good way of keeping in contact as you can't get cellphone reception when you are too far from land. Otherwise organise meeting times and places.

*Request a Room

Most cruise lines accommodation up to four people in a cabin, but if you need extra space, request interconnecting cabins.

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