Avalon Panorama joins the European market

Posted January 20th, 2012

Joining the Avalon Panorama five-night preview foray from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, Nichola Edgecombe from our Cruiseabout Tauranga store tells us first hand what to expect onboard the latest addition to a collection of new ships modernising the river cruising industry.

A number of things spring to mind when I think back to my first impression of the 166 passenger Panorama - modern, elegant, spacious - this is a beautiful ship and well worth the hype which surrounded her 2011 release into the European market!


Two entire decks of wall-to-wall panoramic window view suites - amazing. Not only extremely spacious, beautifully presented and well appointed, but with floor to ceiling sliding doors opening right out to create almost an entire wall of open space rather than balconies - sitting on the couch and looking out the window created a feeling of being outside over the river!

The ship also offers two royal suites, and 17 staterooms on the lower decks. The staterooms with window only are more than adequate with all the same great amenities as the balcony cabins. However having travelled in the balcony cabin it was lovely to be able to relax back and enjoy the amazing views as you cruised.

An aspect of the Avalon Panorama which stood out, and I will be talking about for some time to come, was the outstanding service onboard. You never walked past a member of staff without some form of recognition or friendly hi and how's your day going. Everyone was so welcoming and happy to help with the smallest aspects of our day!

Andrejz our Cruise Director was excellent, he had so much knowledge. One afternoon as we cruised along the Rhine we passed by up to 20 castles - for each Andrejz had a story to tell and he knew exactly how to tell it - keeping 30 odd people interested.  He held my attention and I never even realised that castles were my "thing"!


We also attended a lecture on Holland just before cruising over the border. It was extremely interesting and I learnt more in that half hour about Holland than I could've thought possible. Not only that but Andrejz made it fun and, I remember it!

Overall the river cruising on the Avalon Panorama was an experience which I will be recommending to all. I couldn't think of a more relaxing or enjoyable way of experiencing Central Europe.

Compared to a coach tour, river cruising is a far superior product. We saw so many coaches loading passengers on and off the bus, they were boarding the bus for a six hour drive to their next destination. Meanwhile we were boarding the ship to enjoy lunch on the sun deck with coffee and cake in the lounge during an afternoon of cruising!

The ship itself is state of the art and absolutely stunning. From the free internet onboard, nintendo wii, library, club lounge with a 24 hour capuccino machine to the beautifully appointed cabins. Nothing has been missed to ensure this ship and the crew create an experience of a lifetime for it's passengers!

Looking for more information on the Avalon Panorama and River Cruising contact Nichola Edgecombe from Cruiseabout Tauranga on 0800 868 287.  Or call a cruise holidays expert at Cruiseabout stores nationwide.  Phone 0800 22 11 14

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