Diamond Princess

Posted January 31st, 2012

Jo Taylor or Michelle Sutton from Parnell Cruiseabout had the pleasure of walking around the Diamond Princess, part of the Princess Cruise fleet. This is what they had to say....

"She is an absolute Stunner!"

Cruise_Drink                Cruise - Relaxing

You are spoilt for choice onboard the Diamond Princess. With 700 balconies, 15 bars and lounges, 11 dining venues, 5 swimming pools, 8 whirlpool spas and an impressive Spa and Health Centre you'll never run out of things to do! There is a huge list of activities available onboard the Diamond Princess, all designed to captivate and exhilarate the guests. Nights can be as lively as your days, entertain yourself with captivating live theatre, or watch a feature length film on big screens inside or under the stars on the outside theatre. Dance the night away at the nightclubs or even try your luck at the Grand Casino.

The Diamond Princess holds about 2670 passengers and 1100 crew. The crew was exemplary, with perfect attention to detail! and extra wide smiles. We were served lunch, which showcased the exceptionally high standard of cruising available to guests when sailing on the Diamond Princess. Great tasting food is one of the ship's major highlights.

The Diamond Princess has something for everyone! Whether you are single, a couple in love, or a family on summer vacation, the young, the old and everyone in between can entertain themselves onboard this beautiful ship. Parents can relax in peace as 2 levels of the ship has been dedicated to children and teens and includes libraries and art galleries to keep them entertained.

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The Diamond Princess will be departing from our shores soon. She will be travelling through Australia and South East Asia between the months of February and April. From there, she'll head towards North America to spend time cruising through Canada and Alaska until September.

If you missed out booking your cruise holiday onboard Diamond Princess this time around don't worry, the Diamond Princess will return to New Zealand shores later this year around October. Make sure you don't miss out again, come in and talk to us booking you a place onboard the Diamond Princess.

Looking for more information about taking a cruise holiday on the Diamond Princess talk to Jo Taylor or Michelle Sutton from the Parnell Cruiseabout store on 0800 867 276 Or call a Cruise holidays expert at a Cruiseabout store nationwide. Phone 0800 22 11 14.

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