Cruises to Amaze on Azamara

Posted February 19th, 2013

They may not be the most well-known cruise line, but Azamara Club Cruises have been sailing for 40 years and operate a growing fleet of ships.

Azamara design their cruises for travellers seeking a truly immersive experience. Rather than merely passing by or through destinations, they incorporate time and options for passengers to delve deeper into the unique culture, cuisine and atmosphere of each port.

Sailing as far afield as Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, all the way down to the Pacific Islands and Australasia, Azamara cruises welcome passengers to 181 ports across 57 countries. Flagship cruise ships Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest both carry nearly 700 passengers in a boutique European-hotel environment. Hallmarks of these cruises are the highest levels of service, fine cuisine, wines from around the world and health & wellness programmes.

One important feature of Azamara voyages are longer stays and more overnight stays in port, ensuring guests have plenty of time to explore and immerse themselves in each beautiful destination.

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Stepping into the comfortable staterooms on board, passengers find all the comforts of home plus stylish extras like you'd expect to see in a luxury hotel. Quality furnishings and soft bedding are complemented by the aroma of fresh flowers. Each cruise ship offers a number of veranda staterooms from which guests can enjoy the peace and privacy of watching the world sail by.

Passengers sailing with Azamara will often leave their cruise fitter than they arrived! Onboard wellness consultants provide advice and encouragement on personalised health and fitness regimes, with well-appointed fitness facilities and a range of classes to keep guests in tip-top shape. Who could resist the idea of yoga at sunset? Although for those who prefer their cruise with more pampering than perspiring, world class spa facilities offers treatments from head to toe.

Entertainment on board is an eclectic collection offering something for everyone's tastes. Shop in the boutique stores, expand your horizons in informative lectures or acquire a work of art during onboard auctions. When you feel like letting your hair down a little you can dance under the stars, take in a live show, relax to live jazz  played poolside or visit the casino if you're feeling suitably lucky.

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Of course, tastebuds aren't neglected on Azamara cruises, so expect fine dining prepared by renowned chefs using only the freshest ingredients. Depending on your hunger, choose from casual buffet-style eateries and speciality restaurants serving extensive menu options. Plus all diners enjoy complimentary vintage red and white wine with lunch and dinner, as if the delectable food itself weren't sufficient.

Azamara continue to invest in their ships, with Azamara Journey completing a refurbishment programme in January. Included in this were new carpets, furnishings and bedding, upgraded veranda furniture, resurfaced pool with new sun loungers, expanded Casino Bar, and upgraded steam room, showers and cardio equipment in the spa and fitness centre.

For more information on Azamara Club Cruises please contact a Cruiseabout cruise specialist or call on 0800 22 11 14.

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