Cruise Ship Tips to Get the Most From Your Holiday

Posted March 1st, 2013

The experts at Cruiseabout share some insider tips on getting the most out of your cruise holiday. So before you board your cruise ship check out these tricks to make sure your trip is all plain sailing.

1. Pack right

Pack an adapter and a multi-board plug to allow for all of your electronics and pack light sweaters and a wind breaker. Even at the height of summer the sea nights can be cool or windy.

2. Money talks

Always keep some local currency on hand to use in small towns and villages. Many are not set up for credit card payments and it’s great to step off the ship and make the most of your shore excursion without having to waste time looking for a bank.

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3. Entertain the kids

If you’re holidaying with your family, utilise the kids clubs which the majority of the large cruise lines offer. They are a great source of entertainment for the kids, providing a fun, interactive environment – allowing the parents to enjoy a relaxing cruise.

4. Ship to shore

Take part in at least one shore excursion. They are well planned and can enhance your cruise experience – you don’t always see everything when you’re doing your own thing. It’s also a great way to mingle with other passengers and break up your holiday.

5. A new you

Try something new. Whether it’s rock climbing, mini golf, yoga or even a computer class – there is a huge variety of activities available to try on board so take advantage!

Looking for more information on cruise holidays? Call a cruise holiday expert at a Cruiseabout store nationwide on 0800 22 11 14.

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