Packing Tips for a Cruise Holiday

Posted May 28th, 2012

Good planning is the key for a great holiday! We've compiled a short list of handy packing tips to help you have a wonderful cruise holiday.

When you are packing it's important to consider your destination and duration. Your Cruise destination will determine what type of clothing you require, and the duration will help you decide how much to pack.

- Make a list of the things you are taking with you, this way you won't leave anything behind.


- Consider taking an outfit for formal activities - shoes, suites, dresses..etc.


- Label your luggage with a unique tag so you can easily identify your bags.


- Carry sea sickness medication with you.


- Don't forget to pack your toothbrush, hairbrush...


- Check that you have your cruise ticket, passport, credit card and cash on you.


- Laundry bag for your dirty clothes will ensure you won't mix up the clean clothes with the dirty ones.


- Don't forget to pack your chargers and electronic goods.


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