Cruise Expert Interview – Vanessa Mynot

Posted July 16th, 2012

We thought we'd introduce another one of our Cruise Experts.  Read about Vanessa Mynot from Cruiseabout Parnell.

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Vanessa has worked in the travel industry for 20 years, four of them at Flight Centre Canada in Toronto. She has visited an extensive list of countries including the Uk, Europe, Overland in Africa, USA, Canada, Caribbean, Australia, Pacific Islands (most), Thailand, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Nepal. Some of Vanessa's favourite holidays have been sailing the Whitsundays, relaxing in Fiji, a 6 week holiday in Turkey and trekking in Nepal.

Vanessa also has extensive knowledge of cruising in the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska and Europe as well Luxury cruising. Vanessa has not only experienced cruise holidays herself, but also has a love for cruising. She enjoys organising cruises for everyone, from a first timer through to the multi cruiser.

Vanessa's Top 5 Travel Tips:

  • Pack light and take a packet of wet wipes along with you.
  • Buy decent head phones to plug into the aircraft system - it really adds to the movie experience.
  • Take copies of your important documents eg. Visas and passports on a memory stick, and swap with the person you are travelling with in case you lose something.
  • For cruises, take a small thermos cup, duck up to the buffet first thing in the morning and bring your tea/coffee back to bed.
  • The one thing you'd NEVER want to leave at home when going on a holiday is your passport!

Next Adventure for Vanessa:

Vanessa is in the midst of counting down the days to her next cruise adventure where she'll be cruising the Nile in August 2012.

Pop in to Cruiseabout Parnell and talk to Vanessa today about booking your next cruise holiday.


Looking for more information on Cheap Cruises or Cruise holidays? Call a cruise holiday expert at a Cruiseabout store nationwide on 0800 22 11 14.

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