How to choose the right cruise for you

Posted September 26th, 2014

Where should I go, who should I take, and who should we cruise with? Planning a cruise holiday is exciting, but there often is a lot to consider.
Take a look at our tips on how to choose the right cruise for you.


The experts at Cruiseabout can recommend a cruise to suit every taste and budget! For more information on cruise holidays,  contact a Cruiseabout cruise specialist or call 0800 22 11 14. 

Megan Henderson

Our resident intrepid traveller, Megan recently spent several months travelling through South and Central America, covering 14 countries and partaking in both group and solo travel.Her favourite memories of South America were local home-stays in Bolivia, volcano climbing in Chile, camping in Patagonia and wine tasting in Argentina; with Argentina being her favourite country in South America.Megan loves to test her comfort zone when she’s travelling and believes that everything is worth a go at least once. She has also enjoyed time in Thailand, the UK and Europe.

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