Articles by clemsive

Clementine Sive loves travelling and being immersed in cultures other than her own. Being born in London and travelling through Europe as a baby has meant that travelling and exploring new things is in her blood. From Peru and Argentina to Botswana and Zimbabwe, from Israel to Canada, and as much as possible in between, Clementine is always keen to undertake any new experience in order to expand her cultural horizons.When she was given the opportunity to move to the USA for 6 months for a university exchange she didn’t think twice about it, and found that travelling and living in America opened her mind to so many new and amazing things.Clementine’s passion for the new experiences and challenges that arise from living in and visiting different countries, and willingness to give just about anything a go in order to truly understand and learn from other cultures is what makes Clementine want to share her love for travelling with others.