Antarctica a Refreshing Destination for Cruise Ships

Posted January 16th, 2013

Antarctica – beautiful, serene and untouched. This polar destination is gaining an enviable reputation for adventure travellers, often being referred to as the wholly grail of places to go.

And with Antarctica a destination for increasing numbers of cruise ships it is also becoming more accessible for cruise travellers.

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With this in mind, Antarctica is expected to become a popular cruising destination for New Zealanders in 2013. With more competition amongst the cruise industry, Antarctica will become more affordable and accessible for all cruisers. It's somewhere that many people want to visit to experience somewhere quite unique. Seabourne Cruise Lines are set to introduce cruises to Antarctica this year, while Holland America are increasing the number of cruises they offer.

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With more Antarctica cruises available, cruise travellers now have greater choice than ever before. Some smaller cruise ships even offer passengers the opportunity to ‘touch down’ on Antarctica land. Discovering Antarctica by cruise makes for a once in a lifetime experience.


For more information on Antarctica cruises please contact a Cruiseabout cruise specialist or call on 0800 22 11 14.

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