Alaska Cruise Seasons

Posted June 25th, 2012

Alaska, one of the most popular spots for a dreamy cruise. Ever wondered when the best time for you to book your next cruise is? Here's the Alaska cruise seasons to help you get your planning started...

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High Season: June to August

The pros and cons of sailing in season: In the months from June to August, the temperatures in Alaska are at their warmest, and the conditions are quite moderate, making it quite pleasant. And, the further into summer you are, the better your chances of seeing wildlife on the various expeditions. However, demand for these cruises has become so strong recently that you sometimes need to book months, or even a year, in advance to get the best land/tour packages.

With so many ships now sailing into Alaska, there can also be a tremendous amount of congestion in the small port towns. To minimise your exposure to crowds, you might want to select a ship that sails off schedule (i.e. departs on a Wednesday or a Monday). And, to get a better price, you may also want to consider northbound glacier routes rather than southbound routes, as these tend to be cheaper.

Low Season: May and September

The pros and cons of sailing off season: In May and September, the crowds are smaller, and the prices are cheaper as a result of the weather being worse and the possibility of snow. During the low season, shore excursions have a greater chance of being cancelled, especially boat and helicopter tours, and Denali National Park has been known to close in September because of snow.

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