Advantages of Smaller Cruise Ships

Posted December 4th, 2012

With so many cruise ships to choose from, sometimes it can be hard knowing which is best for you. Many say the bigger the better - but is this really true? David from Cruiseabout Merivale  takes us through some of the advantages of smaller cruise ships.

With the race to build the latest 5,000 passenger mega liner seemingly never ending, it is at times easy to forget about the smaller luxury ships offering amazing experiences all over the globe. With breathtaking attention to detail and a comfort level many cruise goers can only dream about, your next small ship cruise may not be as expensive as you think. Here are five advantages of booking on a smaller cruise ship.

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1. Personalised service - All cruise lines take pride in their service, and rightly so. However, typically carrying less than 20% of the passengers accommodated by many larger vessels, small ship cruising enables the crew to spend more time getting to know the likes and preferences of each traveller on an individual basis.

2. Small in size, big on comfort! – With less people on board, there is a lot more space for each passenger and queuing for anything is an almost mythical practice.

3. A room with a view – The majority of staterooms are outside cabins, so the sights and sounds of the ocean are readily available for passengers wishing to relax in their cabin, or those with restricted mobility.

4. Location, location, location! Most small ships are able to tie up to piers in almost every port reducing the need for tenders journeys, which the larger ships use to transport passengers shore-side in destinations where they are too large to berth alongside. Many small ships are able to sail through rivers and narrow inlets bringing their clients right to the heart of the cities and ports visited, avoiding the need for hot and sweaty shuttle bus journeys through docks and industrial areas.

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5. All inclusive. With the majority of small ships offering an all inclusive product, the price is almost always more than a large ship cruise. However,when a family of four takes into consideration every bottle of water, ice cream, orange juice and wine with dinner (not forgetting of course the traditional sailaway cocktail!) they may be surprised to find that ultra luxury costs a lot less than they initially anticipated!

So there's plenty of good reasons to consider a smaller ship for your next cruise holiday.


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