Family Cruises: Benefits of Cruising with the Kids

Posted June 5th, 2014

With the popularity of family cruising on the rise, many cruise ships are now being designed to specifically cater for people of all ages.

So why would you bring the kids along if they’re just going to be cooped up and bored, you ask? Keep reading to see why you should treat the family to an unforgettable holiday on board a cruise.

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A lot of the time, it’s not expensive to bring the kids along! There are plenty of cruise lines that offer child prices at a fraction of the cost of an adult price, and in some cases children can even cruise for free with paying adults!

When you take the kids on holiday with you, there’s always the added stress of keeping an eye on them and making sure they aren't wandering off, or even breaking up arguments with their siblings.

The vast majority of cruise ships that offer family cruising have specific areas for kids with great games & activities, plus they will be split into age ranges so the teens and younger kids can meet people their own age. This means that as well as the kids being entertained, there will be plenty of time for mum and dad to get away and and have some down time as well.

With the kids off doing their own thing in the ‘children only’ part of the ship, and mum and dad enjoying some time to themselves, everyone gets as much ‘me’ time as they want. However, the kids club’s do have closing hours and after a certain time in the evening, children must be supervised by an adult. This means that as well as everyone having time to do what they want, there is also plenty of time to be had together! Quality time spent both apart and together makes for a stress-free family holiday.

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As you may well know, a holiday on board a cruise means more destinations in one trip! From the South Pacific to the Mediterranean or Asia, there are cruising options to suit every family.

The great benefit of this is that your children will have the opportunity to experience a variety of new places and cultures, plus they’re sure to enjoy themselves along the way!

Lastly, there is the added bonus of embracing your inner child! Don’t make Dad try and hide the fact that he desperately wants to hop on the water-slide and watch that animated action movie – with the added bonus of child supervision he can do all of this and more! Let out your inner child without the judging looks by taking the whole family on a cruise holiday.


For more information on family cruise holidays  please contact a Cruiseabout cruise specialist or call 0800 22 11 14.

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