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Australia is the world's smallest continent and largest island. It is like nowhere else in the world. It's young, adventurous, stylish and friendly. It has unique animals and a fantastic climate and offers a wide and contrasting range of cruise holidays covering experiences from visiting the Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania and the rugged West Coast.

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Cruise Types

Major cruise lines offer itineraries along the Australian coast as well as cruises from Australia to the Islands of Noumea and Vanuatu from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Speciality cruises, generally in small ships with passenger numbers ranging from 10 to 00 allow passengers to explore Australia's diverse coastline. These cruise destinations include the Barrier Reef, the largest living organism on the planet, which is a wonder of Coral, Bird life & Sealife; Australia's Top End (northern Australia) with cruises operating from Darwin to Broome; and around Tasmania.

Cruise Seasons

Cruises from Australia are available all year around. While larger ship and Barrier Reef cruises are available year round, the speciality cruises are seasonal. Tasmanian cruises operate in the Southern summer (November to March) while Top End cruises operate in the winter months (April to October).

Main Ports

The key embarkation ports for cruises from Australia include Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but speciality cruise departs from smaller ports such as Darwin, Wyndham and Broom.


Australia's seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere so Christmas here is in mid-summer and the coldest months are July and August. However Australia spans from the tropics (were winter is very pleasant and summer is hot and humid) to Tasmania which has a more temperate summer and cold winters.

Ports of interest

Australia Cruises: Queensland 10 Night Cruise

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Australia Cruises: Queensland from Sydney 10 Night Cruise

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