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Solo Cruise Deals 2015

Have you ever tried cruising by yourself? The experience can be fun and relaxing, and not as lonely as you might initially think. Cruising solo is not just for singles who want to cruise – solo cruising is just that, cruising by yourself. So, you can be single and cruise solo, or married and cruise on your own. Either way, you will be able to breathe it all in, make your own choices, and have a cruise experience all of your own – it’s liberating!
Solo cruisers can often expect to pay extra for their cabin, but Cruiseabout can source you the best solo cruise deal, or you sail FREE! See our hot deals below, or call one of our Cruise Specialists on 0800 22 11 00 or send us an email to get your quote today!

Solo Cruise Deals 2016

Solo cruisers can often expect to pay extra for their cabin, but Cruiseabout can source you the best solo cruise deal, or you sail FREE! See our hot deals below, or call one of our Cruise Specialists on 0800 22 11 00 or send us an email to get your quote today!

Best Solo Cruise Lines & Ships

Cruising is an ideal getaway for solo travellers, but cruise lines and ships do have different solo cruising offers, capacity and amenities, so it is best to do your research first to find the best deal. Your Cruise Specialist can help you out with this, but in the meantime, here are our top recommendations for solo-traveller friendly cruise lines and ships.

P&O Cruises' Azura

P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises' Azura is a beautiful cruise ship, offering 18 dedicated cabins to solo cruisers. Priced for solo travellers, these cabins have no single supplement, but they do sell out quickly...
Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Epic offers 128 studio cabins targeted at and priced for solo cruisers. Each studio features a full-sized bed, flatscreen TV and a private bathroom...
Holland America Line

Holland America Line

Renowned for catering to solo guests more than any other big-ship cruise line, Holland America Line offers plenty of programs for the solo cruiser...


This luxury cruise line doesn't offer "single" cabins, but they do have occasional fare deals that allow solo cruisers to sail alone without a huge fare penalty...
Crystal Symphony

Crystal Cruises

Crystal is one of the most popular luxury lines for solo travellers, as they offer a wide range of activities on board, including singles parties, gentleman hosts and supplements as low as 25%...
Fred Olsen Cruise Line

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

All of Fred Olsen’s cruise ships offer solo cabins, including a few balconies and suites. The cabins are decorated for solos, featuring cosy furnishings and one bed...


Seabourn usually offers solo supplements at about 50% above the double-occupancy rate, but they do sometimes offer discounts, and this makes their solo offering even more enticing...
Cunard Cruises


Solo cruisers have long been attracted to the traditional atmosphere of this cruise line, as the convivial nature on board makes it easy to make new friends during the cruise...

Ten Reasons to Cruise Solo


With an emphasis on security, the controlled environment that a cruise provides means that solo travellers can have peace of mind – they can feel safe taking a midnight stroll, or returning back to their cabin late at night. This security often isn't found in other forms of solo travelling.


There is no need to plan and pay for hotels, transportation, dinner, entertainment, tipping and so on – almost everything is already included in your cruise fare. And what isn't, your Cruise Specialist will be able to organise for you!

Exploration and Adventure

The world awaits you, whether you travel with friends, family or solo... so don't miss out on your next adventure. A cruise is the perfect way to explore new horizons, and if you are a bit unsure of doing this on your own, shore excursions offered by the cruise line are the perfect way to still get out and experience a new adventure.

Communal Dining

Dining alone can be boring and/or lonely, but cruising means never having to eat alone! On a cruise, dining is a group experience, and seating is assigned on many ships. You can also sometimes request to dine with other solo cruisers.

Meeting New People

The restaurant isn't the only place to meet new people on a cruise – the opportunities are endless! Participate in on board activities, or attend the singles functions if there are any. And, on a cruise, once you have met someone new, it is so easy to see them again – the ship may be large, but it is still a confined space.

Dance Partners

If you are a single lady on a cruise, there is no need to become a dance floor wallflower – many cruises offer gentleman hosts for your dancing pleasure!
Activities, activities and more activities!
From high-energy activities such as rock-climbing, golf and basketball, to less strenuous activities like cooking classes, chess and bingo, you can be as active or as a sedate as you wish on a cruise. You are the master of your own fate, but participating in the activities is another opportunity to meet like- minded people.

Rejuvenate your Spirit

A cruise is the perfect opportunity to pamper and spoil yourself, with the magnificent spa and gym facilities, as well as the indulgent shopping venues. You have no one else to look after on a solo cruise, so look after yourself – go ahead, splurge!

Sailing Solo is Empowering

Cruising on your own means you get to do it all your own way. You have total freedom to make all the decisions - sleep in, go out late, go on a shore excursion or have a ship day – the choice is all yours and you never need to compromise. It's incredible liberating!

Things to Know About Cruising Solo

Solo Supplements

One of the biggest hurdles for solo cruisers to overcome is the cost – the majority of cruise lines don't offer cabins for one person, or if they do, they sell out very quickly. So they offer solo cruisers a double-occupancy cabin, minus the roommate, at a higher rate than the per person cruise fare. This single supplement can range from an extra 10% to even 100% of the cruise fare – so you could pay double, or the same price as two people sharing. However, some cruise lines offer low single supplements or deals, or at times, waive the single supplement, so keep an eye out for these!

Choosing a Ship and Cabin

Smaller cruise ships are ideal for solo cruisers, as they tend to be quite social, offer open-seating dinners, have smaller shore excursion numbers and place an emphasis on interactive activities – all of which make it easier to meet new people and make friends. This may have a big influence on which cruise line, and cruise ship, you decide to cruise on. Another factor may be the solo supplement, so check if they have any cabins priced for solos, or deals on supplements for single travellers.

Travelling Singly and Happily

Cruising solo doesn't have to mean you cruise alone! If you want to meet new people, get involved in all the ship has to offer – take part in activities, programs, classes and workshops. Head to the Piano Bar – often a hotspot of social activity, including karaoke. Sit with others during dinner – and if you feel you don't get along with the people you are initially seated with, just request to be moved at the next meal. If you opt for traditional dining, you will see these people every night, so its important to get along with them. Shore excursions are another great opportunity to meet new people, and themed cruises offer a great chance to meet like-minded people. You can also find out if there are any pre-cruise activities being organised by your Cruiseabout store where you can meet people before you set off!

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